Epiko Podcast

  • An Introduction to Epiko's Leadership Development for Scaling Program

    Episode 39   posted on 01/14/2021
    Based on a change leadership framework, and empirically backed with the latest research on entrepreneurship and organizational change, our program offers a cost effective approach to leadership development for scaling startups.

  • Becoming Aware: A vital first step in successful change leadership

    Episode 38   posted on 12/31/2020
    The best leaders are always one step ahead, anticipating and preparing for what is yet to come -- and a high level of awareness is crucial to this. This podcast should help!

  • Communicating Your Leadership Philosophy

    Episode 37   posted on 12/17/2020
    Startup founders often don't give much thought to their leadership philosophy. But having a unified leadership philosophy (and communicating it well!) provides a baseline of expectation for the overall experience of what it means to work for your organization.

  • People for Impact: Vox Capital's Approach to Impact Investment in Brazil

    Episode 36   posted on 12/03/2020
    Patricia Cordeiro Nader of Vox Capital discusses how an emphasis on people and culture has put Vox Capital among the best performing VC funds in the World!

  • Introduction to Leadership for Scaling

    Episode 35   posted on 11/19/2020
    If a company out-scales it’s leadership it will eventually experience bottlenecks, burnouts, and breakups. This podcast is uniquely designed to introduce startup founders and CEOs faced with rapidly scaling their ventures, with the tools they need to scale their leadership.

  • Communication Processes for Scaling

    Episode 34   posted on 11/05/2020
    Scaling a business presents unique communication challenges. Tune into this episode to learn the signs that you need to revisit your communication processes -- and how to put in place communication processes that can evolve as you grow.

  • The Art of Delegation

    Episode 33   posted on 10/29/2020
    The art of letting go and delegating can be a hard task to learn, yet it is vital to the success of your startup. This podcast will get you started!

  • Mission First, People Always: From the US Navy to a New Career in Venture Capital

    Episode 32   posted on 10/22/2020
    Ty Gabriel, a naval officer completing a 20 year career of service in the U.S. Navy, breaks down how the leadership skills he learned in the military transfer to his new career in venture capital.

  • Team Dynamics Module

    Episode 31   posted on 10/15/2020
    Serving as an introduction to Epiko's leadership development module on the topic of team dynamics, this episode examines the ways in which leaders can think about their influence on a team's culture.

  • Making an Impact Through Business Education

    Episode 30   posted on 10/08/2020
    Nima Farshchi, director of the Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) at the Smith School of Business, embodies the center's passionate mission: educate, empower, and engage students to create a better world through business.

  • Value Added Impact Investing Through Leadership Development

    Episode 29   posted on 10/01/2020
    One crucial element is being consistently overlooked in the value-added investment approach, even by those who would consider themselves very active investors."

  • Investing in Diversity

    Episode 28   posted on 09/24/2020
    This interview with Marx Cazenave offers plenty of inspiring life and business lessons, as well as a story about dedicating one's career to something that matters.".

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