Epiko Podcast

  • Mission First, People Always: From the US Navy to a New Career in Venture Capital

    Episode 32   posted on 10/22/2020
    Ty Gabriel, a naval officer completing a 20 year career of service in the U.S. Navy, breaks down how the leadership skills he learned in the military transfer to his new career in venture capital.

  • Team Dynamics Module

    Episode 31   posted on 10/15/2020
    Serving as an introduction to Epiko's leadership development module on the topic of team dynamics, this episode examines the ways in which leaders can think about their influence on a team's culture.

  • Making an Impact Through Business Education

    Episode 30   posted on 10/08/2020
    Nima Farshchi, director of the Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) at the Smith School of Business, embodies the center's passionate mission: educate, empower, and engage students to create a better world through business.

  • Value Added Impact Investing Through Leadership Development

    Episode 29   posted on 10/01/2020
    One crucial element is being consistently overlooked in the value-added investment approach, even by those who would consider themselves very active investors."

  • Investing in Diversity

    Episode 28   posted on 09/24/2020
    This interview with Marx Cazenave offers plenty of inspiring life and business lessons, as well as a story about dedicating one's career to something that matters.".

  • The Single Greatest Trade

    Episode 27   posted on 09/17/2020
    Join Epiko cofounders Romina da Costa and Anne Spear in a discussion of the "single greatest trade".

  • How the Social Sciences can Humanize Business Strategy: A conversation with Dave Zax of ReD Associates

    Episode 26   posted on 09/10/2020
    Join us in this conversation with Dave Zax, a senior researcher at ReD Associates. Dave discusses how qualitative research can help us understand human behavior -- and inform business strategy.

  • Our Passion for Social Science Research

    Episode 25   posted on 09/03/2020
    Taking our break from our usual format, this episode features a lighthearted conversation in which Epiko cofounders Romina and Anne share a bit of their stories -- and how they became interested in qualitative research.  

  • The First Hundred Days: Harnessing Employee Engagement and Retention Through Best Practices in On-boarding

    Episode 24   posted on 08/27/2020
    Epiko co-founder Anne Spear and global talent executive Alex Holland discuss the relationship between on-boarding, organizational culture, and employee engagement and retention.  

  • On-Boarding: The low-hanging HR gem

    Episode 23   posted on 08/20/2020
    A robust on-boarding process can increase your ability to retain your new hires by between 50 to 82%, and increase new employee productivity by 54 to 70%. So why are many companies still missing out on an easy HR win?  

  • Making Space for Collaboration: How research on teams informs design at Knoll

    Episode 22   posted on 08/13/2020
    The conversation with Knoll's leaders in the areas of research and workplace strategy centers on the links between research on teams, workplace design, and human behavior. 

  • Why We Need Strong Teams

    Episode 21   posted on 08/06/2020
    What do juveniles in an outdoor rehabilitation program have in common with MBA execs? Join Epiko cofounders Romina da Costa and Anne Spear in a discussion about team dynamics and how they can impact your bottom line. 

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