The Problem

Scaling a start-up requires founders to scale their leadership skills. Failure to scale leadership accounts for up to 90% of venture-backed startup failure.

VC investors push out upwards of 40% of founders in a painful, time-consuming and oftentimes traumatic process that some ventures never bounce back from.

Our Solution

Epiko’s Leadership for Scaling program offers a cost-effective, research-backed, empirically-proven solution that creates a win-win for investors and their portfolio entrepreneurs, mitigating investment risk and maximizing growth for rapid scaling success. 

Our Model

Epiko’s on-the-go, applied training modules recognize that founders already have a lot on their plates -- and that 70% of adult learning is done by DOING. Modules are easily accessible online, mobile-friendly, and tailored to address specific leadership needs and skills gaps for growing start-ups. Modules are made available to investment companies to serve as the basis for their portfolios’ ongoing learning and development systems.

On the Go Applied Learning Personalized Service

On the Go

Applied Learning

Personalized Service

Offering a convenient way to train your leaders and teams, anywhere, anytime, at low cost. Training exercises designed so that you can use what you learn in the workplace right away, seeing an immediate positive impact on engagement and retention for your teams. Customize your training with ongoing assessments and live consulting sessions.

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